the girl from the mystic moon

the earth and the moon hung in the sky... a land called gaea

Welcome to Visionary, a project that been in the making since 2005, but due to procrastination, never made an appearance until 2013 - otherwise known as a small fansite dedicated to the character Hitomi Kanzaki from the series, Tenkuu no Escaflowne (Vision of Escaflowne in the US.) The purpose of Visionary is to give a little basic and in-depth information about character as well as share some speculation and opinions.

This site is full of unmarked spoilers, so if you have not yet watched the anime and plan to sometime in the near future, I would advise that you don't read too much. The site is also a bit text-heavy at the moment, but hopefully the shiny pictures here and there make will make it a bit easier to read. Navigation is located above and is broken down into smaller categories per page.

Visionary is also the anime fanlistings approved fanlisting for Hitomi. If you're a fan of her, perhaps you'd like to become a member? Regardless, I wish you happy browsing!

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