the basics : hitomi

get to know the tomboy heroine from the mystic moon

Age: 15
Birthdate: December 5th
Birthplace: Japan, Earth
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 160cm
Weight: 44kg
First Appearance: Episode 1
Other Appearances: 2-26
Japanese Actress: Maaya Sakamoto
English Actress: Kelly Sheridan

Anywhere you go for basic information or images of Escaflowne, most of them start with 'Hitomi is an average high school girl' - and this statement is accurate. But for the sake of attempting to be original...

Fortune-teller and promising member of the track team, Hitomi Kanzaki really is just another high school girl. She's got all the usual problems - an obnoxious little brother, a pushy best friend who means well and of course, a secret crush on an upperclassman. This is all before she's suddenly and mysteriously uplifted into the sky by a beam a light and thrown into a land of war, strife and magic - a place where the moon and Earth hang in the sky, a place called Gaea.

While on Gaea, she meets an assortment of different people including the charming Knight of Asturia Allen who resembles Amano and the brash and temperamental young King of Fanelia, Van. The series is strongly focuses on the relationships between the characters and also on the power of wishes. Hitomi learns to believe in not only herself, but in the people she cares about. She becomes more self-aware and accepting of herself while on her journey on Gaea and even discovers what it truly means to love someone.